St John USVI Snorkeling

If you are visiting St. John USVI, you will definitely want to try snorkeling. This is the most fun, easy, relaxing way to see the underwater life that habitats the Caribbean waters around St. John. Where is the best snorkeling in St. John USVI? Defining the “best snorkeling in St. John” is subjective to many factors such as swimming abilities, water and wind conditions, and types of marine life at each spot. Here is a list of great snorkeling areas … Continued

Top 21 Travel Essentials for the Virgin Islands

Vacationing to the Virgin Islands (especially St. John) requires a little more thought than most vacations.  You will not have access to the same essentials on island as you will with a vacation stateside.  Plan ahead to take full advantage of the sites and beauty of St. John and the Virgin Islands by preparing yourself with our list of TOP 21 Travel Essentials for the Virgin Islands.  OUR Picks: 1. iPhone or Samsung Galaxy – for all communication and music … Continued

Travel to St John

Unless you are a true adventurer looking to swim or paddleboard, traveling to St. John requires a boat.  Most travelers come from St. Thomas to St. John by ferry from Charlotte Amalie or Red Hook.  You will first arrive in St. Thomas by plane or cruise ship and depart from one of these ferry docks. Staying on St. John If you are staying on St. John overnight, you will grab your luggage and head outside of the Cyril B. King … Continued